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Cheryl Cole Lyrics and Pictures

Cheryl Ann Cole (ne Tweedy; born 30 June 1983) is an English singer, songwriter, dancer, and model.

Rising to fame in late 2002, she become a member of girl group Girls Aloud on ITV's reality television programme Popstars The Rivals. With the group, Cole has marked much success by achieving twenty consecutive top ten singles (including four number ones) in the UK; five studio albums which have all been certified platinum by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), two of which went to number one in the UK; and accumulating a total of five BRIT Award nominations from 2005 to 2010. Since Girls Aloud have pursued separate careers, she has released two consecutive number one albums in the UK: 3 Words and Messy Little Raindrops; scoring two number one singles in the UK ("Fight for This Love" and "Promise This").

Cole became a judge on the British televised singing competition The X Factor in 2008. Cole has become a recognised and photographed style icon; referred to as a fashionista by the press.

Title of Song Lyrics: Girl Like You Lyrics Cheryl Cole Hot Hits


Girl Like You Lyrics

Boy Like You!

You Make me feel good
I feel so fine
I'm gonna make you mine, all mine
You're head to toe fly
You move so smooth
Im gonna put my loving on you

And if you want to we can dance real slow
whatever you want sugar let me know
or we can speed it up we'll put the loving on zoom
its whatever you want

Theres something about you boy
that's got me
Theres something about you boy
thats rocking me
There's something about you
that's got me got me got me got me
singing melodies, oh
Ive been looking for a boy like you,
a boy like you
A boy like you a boy like you (she wants a boy like me)
A honey like you, a sugar like you, a boy like you
She wants a boy like (me)

you got me goin' wild (goin wild)
you got me hypnotized by your smile
ooh i like your swagger, oh i like
your style
Why don't you take me into the club and
work it out
Cos i wanna dance with you on the floor
We can keep our groove and move it's
so wonderful
Or we cn leave and go somewhere just me and you
It's whatever you want


You want a girl like what (I want a girl like you) x2
You want a girl like what (I want you girl, girl)
You want a boy like what (I want a boy like you) x3
You want a boy like what (I want you boy, boy, boy)

Chek it shorty, if you really want to
have a man like me
You gotta Know how to please a real man
like me
Cos a lot of dudes coming there men like me
But can't really please a woman like me
Cos when I got to work, got to work,
got to work, girl
I can really bring the pleasure, when I
make you squirt
I'm a heartbreaker when I flirt, when I flirt
Im a breath taker a lover expert, oh

We can get freaky, oh yeah, oh yeah
Do it on the beach baby, do it right
tell me where you want it
tell me how you want it

Watch out, cos Im about to go down,
go downtown,
And after downtown im goin' uptown
And after uptown we'll go another
Cos its all about you baby, baby you
right know


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Cheryl Cole Pictures



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Cheryl Cole Lyrics and Pictures

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