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What are you searching for? What are other people searching for? What is the purpose of belly button fluff? These are some of the questions that won't be answered here!! However - you will find some of the strange searches that bring people to this website - searches such as . . . .

Types Of Real Vampires

Types of vampires according to legends:

- Asasabonsam: W. African. Folklore of the Ashanti people.

- Baital: Indian. These vampires form is that of a half-man,

- Bajang: Malaysian. The Bajang take the form of polecats.

- Baobhan Sith: Scottish. The Baobhan Sith (pronounced buh-van she) are
evil fairies who appear as beautiful young women.

- Callicantzaros (also spelled as Kallikantzaros): Medieval and Modern
Greece. While on the Earth, a male Callicantzaros is
will kidnap a mortal woman to return with him to the underworld as
his bride and to bear his children.

- Ch'ing Shih: Chinese. Ch'ing shih appear livid and may kill with
poisonous breath as well as drinking the victim's blood.

- Civateteo: Mexican. These vampire-witches held Sabbaths at
crossroads and were believed to attack young children and to mate with
human men, producing children who were also vampires.

- Dearg-due: Irish. The dearg-due is like a European vampire,
except that it cannot change shape and may be destroyed by building a
cairn of stones over its grave.

- Empusa: Ancient Greece and Rome. Empusas appear as either beautiful
women or ancient hags.

- Ekimmu: Assyrian. The ekimmu are the souls of those who died
without proper burial and so they wander the Netherworld looking for
peace, not blood.

- Hanh Saburo: Indian. These creatures live in forests and can control
dogs. They lure travellers into the forest to attack them.

- Incubus: European. Incubi (plural of incubus) are sexual vampires.
The feed by having sex with the victim, exhausting them, and then feeding on the
energy released during sex.

- Jararaca: Brazilian. Normally appearing as snakes, jararaca are said
to drink the milk, as well as the blood, of sleeping women.

- Krvopijac: Bulgarian. Krvopijacs (also known as obours) look like
normal vampires except that they have only one nostril. They can be
immobilized by placing wild roses around their graves.

- Lamia: Ancient Greece and Rome. Lamias are female vampires.
They appear in half-human, half-animal forms and eat
the flesh of their victims in addition to drinking their blood.

- Loogaro: West Indies. Appearing as old women, these vampires go
about at night as blobs of light, much like the will-o'-the-wisp.

- Mulo: Gypsy. Mulo are the spirits of a dead people who leave their corpse in its grave at
night and returned to the corpse at dawn.

- Nachzerer: German. These are ghosts of the recently dead that return
to kill their families.

- Rakshasa: Indian. The Rakshasas are powerful vampires of the spirit
variety. They usually appear as humans with animal features or as animals with human features.

- Shtriga: Medieval and Modern Albanian. A witch who preys upon infants by drinking
their blood at night.

- Strigoi: Medieval and Modern Romania, including Transylvania. Blood-sucking vampires. They can be
destroyed by impaling them with a stake or by cremating them.


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