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Vintage Postcards - our fabulous collection of wonderful old postcards.

Boys and Girls


Two little girls in short dresses and white socks Picture Postcards

Tinted Postcards young girl with flowers

Little Madam Real Tinted Picture Postcard

Vintage Pictures young girl in short dress and ankle socks with mother in long dress Fasion Pictures

Tinted Postcards little girl holding flowers

Picture Postcards Young Girls with flower vase

Two little girls in long Victorian dresses

Vintage Tinted Postcards beautiful young girl

Snowman postcard boys and girls

Pretty young girls tinted postcard

Holy postcards cross girl praying pictures

Berlin Oranotypie postcard happy new year little boy

Sweet Seven little girl Berlin postcard 1912

Beach Baby bathing costume vintage postcard

Fairy Girls two cute kids dress as fairies Vintage Picture Postcard

Pretty young girl in short red dress with white doves Vintage Postcard

Cute girl with doll puppenmama

Pretty little Victorian girl Children postcards

Edwardian tinted postcard little boy in top hat and girlfriend

Happy birthday postcards girl flowers seller

Vintage Postcard attractive young girl with yelloe ribbon in her hair

Three cute little girls in short skirts Picture Postcard

Pretty young girl praying old postcards

Papillon De La Gloire Butterfly girl postcard

Vintage Hope Postcard pretty little girl

Christmas Girl postcards of cute teen beside Christmas tree

Beautiful young girl with flowers in her hair Vintage Postcard

Cute butterfly girl vintage postcards

Bonne Annee Fairy Girl Picture Postcard

Girl Playing Harp picture Vintage postcards

Little butterfly girls postcard Edwardian pictures

Tinted Vintage Postcards three kids posing

Blach and white postcards young lady with her teddy bear

Bonne Annee tinted vintage postcard picture young lady

Flower girl postcard tinted vintage pictures

Pretty Girls eating FRUIT IN TEETH Traut photo postcard

Young girl and dog pictures postcards

Edwardian French postcard Father Christmas giving little girl her presents

Tinted picture of very pretty young girl with bouquets of flowers

Art deco tinted postcard cute young girl with flowers

Little boy and girl smoking Pictures postcards

Beautiful young girl with bows in her hair Postcard

Tinted Vintage Postcards beautiful girl in colourful dress

Vintage Postcard Fairy Girl pictures

Vintage Postcard Girl with Parasol

Vintage Pictures Three girls on a ladder

Vintage Postcards Beautiful young girl with flowers

Tinted Postcards Flower Girl

Pretty in Pink Vintage Postcards

Cute little blonde girl 1907 postcard

Postcard from Finland little girl with cat dress

Picture postcard Two young girls kissing wearing sailor uniform

Two young girls in orange dresses Vintage Tinted Postcards

Vintage Postcard Little Girls with mother

Two little girls hand tinted photo postcard

Cute kids Young girl with flowers

JAPANESE SWIMSUIT GIRLS Meiji Era Bathing Beauties of Old Japan

Beautiful Girl real photo with lace design border

Two girls wearing short dresses play on swing Vintage Picture Postcard

Two little girls in shorts with spinning hoop Vintage Tinted Pictures

Bonne Fete Art Deco girl

Tinted vintage postcards young girls pictures

Very pretty young twin girls Vintage Picture Postcard

Cute young girls with cherries Vintage postcard

Tinted postcards pictures young girl

Vintage postcard tinted young lady with veil

Tinted Vintage Postcard young boy and girl with flowers

Little girl and dog postcard

Vintage postcards of young girls

Girl in Pretty Dress Edwardian post cards

Vintage postcard little girl and teddy bear

Pretty little girl holding flowers Vintage Picture Postcards

Pretty young girl wearing silly hat Vintage Postcard

Bonne fete vintage postcard

Bonne annee postcard vintage=pretty girl ribbons

Little boy girl Vintage postcards

Cute little girl Vintage postcards

Two girls with an Umbrella postcard

1909 Adorable Little FLOWERS IN HAIR Girl photo

Little girl wearing short dress pictures postcards

Butterfly Girls Vintage Tinted Picture Postcard

Vintage Picture Postcards cute little flower girl

Edwardian YOUNG GIRL with flowers postcard

German postcards from 1908 cute young girl bath robes

Vintage Tinted Postcards ginger haired girl

German postcards from 1908 young lady robes

Little girl with pram pictures postcards

Pretty young girl with ribbons in her hair postcard

Young Lady Picture Postcard

Butterfly Girl postcard pictures

Tinted Vintage Postcards young flower girl in purple dress

Vintage Pictures Cute Young Lady

young boy on rocking horse postcard

Two young girls wearing short skirts Picture Postcards

Beautiful young girls postcards

Bonne Fete postcard flowers young girls pictures

Beautiful girl postcard vintage clothes

Pretty little girl Picture Postcard

Vintage Pictures Hairstyles young girl with red lipstick

Little Ballerina girl vintage postcard

Baby girl in short dress black and white postcard pictures

Blue Tinted EDWARDIAN GIRL FRENCH Photo Postcard

Kids on a ladder picture postcard

Young girl in colourful shorts spotty socks Vintage Postcard

Cute little girl in short red skirt Vintage Picture Postcard

Two little boys smoking pictures postcards

Cute little girl with fan postcard Edwardian Era

Tinted Postcard cute young girl

Young girl in short dress with mother Tinted Vintage Postcards

Young lady art deco hairstyle Picture Postcard

Cute Girl Hand Tinted Real Photo Postcards

Pretty little Victorian girls Picture Postcards

Pretty Victorian Young Lady Tinted Vintage Postcards

Pretty Children Hand Tinted Real Photo Postcard

Twins in the bath Vintage Postcard

Baby girl pictures postcards

German postcards from 1908 cute young lady

Pretty Girl Hand Tinted Real Photo Postcard

Vintage Postcard Pictures Cute hair style young girl

Cute little angel girls Pictures postcards

First kiss pictures little boy and girl photo postcard

Angel Girl picture postcard

Bonne Annee Vintage Clothing young girl in short cut coat and skirt Tinted Picture Postcard

Bonne annee vintage postcard girl with roses flowers

Little girl with big hat picture postcards

Pretty Little Girl Hand Tinted Real Photo Postcards

Vintage Postcard Little Girl Sleeping

Young baby girl pictures postcards

First Kiss young boy and girl kissing Pictures postcards

Pretty little girl in short pink dress Real pictures postcards

Little girl with flowers in her hair picture postcards

Vintage Postcard Letter S

Two young friends Kids Vintage Postcards

Vintage Postcard Little Boy and Girl with Teddy Bear

Vintage Birthday Postcards young girl sits on sideboard

Art nouveau postcards Young girl in long dress

Two young schoolgirls Vintage Picture Postcards

Pretty young girl Vintage Postcard Picture

Beautiful young girl with bow in her hair Vintage Postcard

Vintage Postcard pretty little girl in lace dress lying on bed

Picture Postcard cute little girl in short blue dress with wheel cart full of flowers

























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