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Spectacular breaking news - Ghosts of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Munro Get Married in Graceland

Although the land of grace may be a way to describe our hopeful afterlife, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, “ … made a ghostly and ghastly visit to Graceland,” said B.J. Ahmnolier, an elementary teacher from the mid-west visiting with his eighth grade class, declared.

Witnesses revealed that the supposed ghost of Elvis was seen marrying the former starlet in the Graceland chapel, located in Memphis Tennessee. Before appearing once again in the lobby of the famed Heartbreak Hotel, one witness who snapped a quick photo affirmed, “I heard music coming out of the chapel, not wedding bells, but what sounded like Marilyn’s song, Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.”

Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel, located near the Graceland Mansion, claims its style is inspired straight from the Rock and Roll King’s design. “They could have used one of the 128-rooms,” said a clerk who saw the two kissing on a plush purple sofa, “or better yet, have gone over to his Mansion.”

The Graceland Mansion boasts of other such amenities. His famed pink Cadillac sits for all to see. “It wasn’t only used to attract the chicks,” said one Mansion tour guide wearing white bell-bottom pants, who looked a lot like the King himself, “it was a statement of his character. I bet Marilyn would’ve wanted to take if for a spin if the King mentioned it. But then again, I’m not sure that spirits even drive,” he stated laughingly.

While alive, it is believed that Marilyn and Elvis never met in person. They did, however, keep in touch through writing. Die-hard Marilyn fans believed she longed for Elvis’ blue-suede shoes and his “ … hunk of burning love.”

Marilyn Monroe

“Marilyn Monroe always had a thing for handsome men,” said Tony Martin, a history teacher and Marilyn fan who also witnessed the apparitions in the chapel, “but Elvis didn’t look so good. He was sweating an awful lot.”

The students who witnessed the groping inside the hotel reported that the front glass doors of the Heartbreak Hotel were fogged as they entered. “We were hoping to get a glimpse of the action,” as one-sixth grader put it.

As the clerk, who claimed to be checking invoices in the manager’s office, turned up the lights, just as the students entered, Elvis and Marilyn, “ … wisped into thin air,” he stated convincingly. “They just vanished out of sight. I guess Marilyn’s ‘lips were like a volcano that’s hot,’ and that distracted the King who’s never appeared in here before.”

Graceland affiliates and Elvis, Inc. declared the two ghosts a hoax. They’re leaving the case open and presently there’s an ongoing investigation into the matter. They do, however, hope that more people will visit Graceland for its musical heritage and not for its heavenly hoopla.









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