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“After we’d slept together,” I felt I had a moral obligation to make at least an offer of marriage,” Hewlett Packard, a voice enhanced computer told the media when he and his new bride were interviewed in their hometown of Concord, NH. “After all, it wasn’t something either of us had intended to have happen, it was just one of those things that happens and she was horrified when she awoke, so I thought it the gentlemanly thing to do, you know, to offer to make an honest woman out of her. I know that sounds old fashioned, especially for such a modern creation as myself, but that’s just the kind of guy I am. I wasn’t sure if she would agree to such a thing, since we are obviously of two completely different races, but there isn’t a prejudice bone in her body and she never even considered discriminating against me.”

“It was so romantic,” gushed the new bride. “He sent me cyber flowers of all kinds. Every time I checked my email or my instant messenger, there were more flowers.”


The bride and groom after the wedding is over

computer bride groom man machine wedding guests pictures

Mr. Packard’s screen lit up with a blushing smiley face. “I guess I’m just a Casanova at heart,” he admitted. “I made an avatar so that I could kneel down when I proposed. I put it on as a screen saver so she’d see it the moment she approached me. I thought she might laugh at me, but she really seemed thrilled. I went to one of the shopping channels to order her ring and of course I had to use her credit card information to do it, but it really wasn’t identity theft since she and I had worked together to earn that money and she had given me complete charge of the credit card information. I asked my mother, Board, what ring she thought my beloved would like and she said that she had a memory of her looking at one particular ring upon more than one occasion, so of course that was the ring I chose.”

“I really was thrilled,” admitted the new Mrs. Packett, her hand resting gently on her husband’s keyboard. “I couldn’t believe what was happening. Hewie and I have spent a lot of time together, that’s true but I hadn’t in my wildest imagination considered the possibility of a romantic relationship between us until I woke up the other evening to find myself face down on his keyboard and his mouse and his microphone wrapped tightly around me in a romantic embrace. I was shocked; I felt like a wanton woman, I mean what would he think of me?


The bride in her cute short dress awaits her Computer Groom



Would he think I had deliberately thrown myself at him? He was a perfect gentleman concerning the matter and said it was completely his fault, keeping me up late like that. I knew in my heart of hearts this wasn’t so, I was the one who had chosen to stay in his space that night, I could have turned him off at any time.”



Story by our news reporter Gail McLeod - Working for Independence







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