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“She’s my heroine,” Shelly Shribner told members of the media as the gathered around her at the press conference outside her home last Monday afternoon. She hugged her toy poodle, Gidgette tightly as she spoke.
“I had no idea she knew how to do anything like that,” Ms. Shribner continued. “She was amazing.”
“Could you explain just how the whole thing happened to begin with Ms. Shribner,” asked Jonathan J. Hoones of the United Press.

“I’m not quite sure,” answered Shelly Shribner. “I had gone down into the basement to put some things into the washing machine and Gidgette had followed me down. I was loading the machine when I heard a loud rattling noise. I assumed that a large truck or something of that sort was passing. I could feel the vibrations even in the house. I heard a loud slam and looked up to see that the door to the basement had slammed shut. I really wasn’t concerned at the moment; I never in my wildest imaginations could have dreamed that we were trapped there. I finished loading my laundry, then went back up the stairs, Gidgette following close behind me. It was when I went to open the door that I realized we had a problem.


Cute Gidgette proves he's a smart dog

cute dog clever animals smart bitch

I’m not sure exactly what happened, but somehow the vibrations had caused the door not only to slam shut but to lock.”
“But wasn’t there some way you could unlock it from your side of the stairs?” asked Bartholomew Bartlett, of WXYZ, the local television station.
“There should have been, actually there was in a sense but somehow it was jammed and well, we were stuck there. I could feel myself panicking. I do not like being shut into places, not at all. I am somewhat claustrophobic I guess, although the subject has never come up before. I screamed and screamed, but I couldn’t seem to make anyone hear me. I tried banging on the pipes but there was no response. I thought I was going to have to wait there until somebody finally missed me and came to investigate.

Then Gidgette sprang into action. She started tapping on the pipes with her paws. I thought perhaps someone would hear the sound so I didn’t stop her. Then suddenly I realized there was some sort of pattern to her tapping. She would give three short taps, then three longer ones then three short ones again. It was amazing. The police told me later this was Morse code. It was the SOS signal; the signal for help. She did it over and over. I heard someone call from outside and screamed again, but by this time my throat was so sore I couldn’t manage to make myself heard.


The Morse key that Gidgette used to save his master's life.

Gidgette kept on tapping. The next thing I knew I heard vehicles pull into my driveway. Gidgette’s tapping changed. She tapped out where we were. She even told the police where to find the spare key we had hidden. I had no idea she knew where it was, much less that she’d be able to tell any one.”
“Do you have any idea how your dog learned Morse code?” asked Mr. Bartlett, holding the microphone towards Ms. Schribner.
“Yes, I think so,” she answered. My husband used to into ham radio sometime ago, back before we bought the computer. Gidgette must have learned it from him. Evidently she took an interest in it.”
“Do you plan to reward her in any way?” asked another member of the press. “I mean, it seems to me this calls for a giant T bone steak or something of that sort.”
“Even better,” replied Ms. Schribner. I’m going to buy her her own ham radio set up and make it canine accessible.”

At this point, Gidgette reached out a paw and began to tap on the microphone. “CQ, CQ, CQ,” she tapped. “Anybody out there? Got your ears on good buddy?”

Everyone present agreed this would be the perfect reward for Gidgette.


Story by our news reporter Gail McLeod - Working for Independence







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